Creative DIY Team: Herb Projects

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Creative DIY Team: Herb Projects

I'm introducing a new series called the Creative DIY Team today. The participating bloggers are: 

Cristina (Remodelando la Casa) 
Susan (Love Of Home) 
Cassie (Primitive & Proper)  
And me of course!

Each month we will be tackling a project to show you. This month's project is herbs.

Every year I grow many herbs. I've been an herb enthusiast since the early nineties. There are so many uses for herbs. And not just cooking!

Here's a little herb fairy garden I created recently.

This is mint, which is great in iced tea. There are many forms of mint, even chocolate. Which I have around here growing somewhere!

Lemon balm was one of my first herbs to come up this spring. It is very hardy! And I've already had to cut it back several times.

The lavender below is about to bloom.

I like to mix herbs with flowers and other plants in my containers. 

If you haven't grown herbs in your garden, you should give them a try. Insects don't much care for them because of their strong scent, which is always a plus.

Most of the ones I have came back up in my container gardens from last year and the year before. 

Here's a look at what you'll find when you visit the others...

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