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Flea Market Style Storage

For me there's hardly anything more exciting than finding something and then turning it into something else. 

This is why antique malls, flea markets, and garage sales have become such a popular source for DIYers. 

I've always been a sucker for wooden chests. I visualize them filled with beautiful hand-sewn quilts and embroidery pieces.

These trunks are perfect as coffee tables. There's lots of room to store winter blankets or whatever your heart desires.

If you're lucky enough to come across one of these old wagons, and also be able to afford it, I take my hat off to you. They are striking as decor pieces. 

And on holidays, they'd look great out on the porch filled with holiday decor.

Some people look at this and only see a frame for a painting or mirror. But looking at it from the eyes of someone who needs storage, this piece is perfect to clip precious post cards or antique photos to.

I've always used the end of my bed for storage of some variety. 

These beautiful antique pieces give you lots of room for your storage needs.

In another life, this piece was some sort of crate. And I'm sure things were shipped or stored in it then too. 

Put wheels on the bottom and something flat on the top and you've got a great table that is quite unique.

I've had sewing machine tables for years. Currently I have two and one is on the patio. There are limitless ways to use these for storage.

Think beverage bar, desk, end table, etc.

These pieces are rich with history and nostalgia. Someone's grandma sat at one of these and sewed while keeping that treadle moving up and down at the bottom like I watched my great-grandma do.

Just feast your eyes on this old makeshift table, random chairs, and a tool box that provides storage for most anything.

Add to that a ladder, an old shelf and a vintage clock face and you're rich with vintage style! 

Now this is what I call a wall of storage! Just think of all the things you could store in those filing cabinets. 

Putting a couple of chairs in front lets you know it is there for decor purposes as well as storage.

Old boxes or crates have always been a hot commodity. I've searched for them since my twenties for one thing or another. 

Put four together and you've got a great end table as well as additional storage for things you want at your bedside.

An old table is just as good as anything else for use as a desk. It has character. 

Not to mention the piece on the wall. Not sure what it is. But it sure looks useful!

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