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Mail Woes & Other Juicy Tidbits

I was very surprised by something today. I found out yesterday that my FB account, once again, had been hacked. So I took measures to fix that. 

Today I get an email from Google asking me if I'd signed in with a Mac in the past hour. Well, no, I don't have a Mac, and so I email them back and said no. 

So I kept clicking the links and came to this...

Now it won't let me copy everything, but it let me save this photo. 

Apparently someone in the city of Pontiac, Illinois, someone with a Mac, has hacked my Google account. 

Yeah, they've zoned in on them!

I have changed my password and added another measure of security where they have to send you a code for you to be able to access your account. Yeah, a pain in the arse, but so are the damned hackers.

It also gave me a map with an arrow to the place and said it is sunny and 82 degrees in Pontiac, Illinois today!

Great job, Google!

In other news...

I ordered some photos to be developed by Walgreens. I paid for it to come to my residence. Probably won't do that again.

They are photos I've taken while driving out in the country, and I intend to frame them. So waiting on them is holding up a decor project I am eager to get done to show you.

Said package has been sitting somewhere in town for four days now, and no one knows where.

It might be faster to go this route...

I called and was told that because it's between two companies, (UPS Mail Innovations; what the heck is that) it is difficult to communicate, so they don't know who has it. I hope I got that right, because the fellow did not speak good English.

So I Google "what is UPS Mail Innovations? And get this info...

Please note, after your package is delivered to the USPS that there may be a lapse in tracking information. If the tracking information for your package is unavailable or has not been updated recently, please rest assured that your should still arrive within the time frame listed at checkout. Below are the normal delivery time frames for in-stock items:

Service typeProcessing timeTransit timeDelivery time frameHawaii / Alaksa / International
Standard1-2 business days3-7 business days4-9 business days+7 business days

Did you notice the misspelling of Alaska? Alaksa. Geez Louise.

What to do?

I asked the guy where he was, and he said Guatemala. (Don't you know that they absolutely hate being asked that question?)

For some reason, knowing that US mail has been somewhat out-sourced makes me kind of sad, if that's what has happened.

I'm sure someone will email or comment and let me know if I am inaccurate about this matter...if so, please be nice.

I've always kind of thought of the US postal service as being somehow inviolate from the transferring of work in the US to other countries.

Like it's kind of an un-American thing to do. Ya know? 

So I Google "is US mail being outsourced to other countries?"

And I found this one forum, and this is what the guy said. Remember, these are his epithets, not mine...

USPS has offshore-outsourced Customer Service!?!?

Our tax dollars hard at work in both New York and China. WTF?

So here's the deal - I called the USPS to get information on a lost package I had shipped. After 20 minutes of miscommunication, on both ends.. I asked, "Are you working in New York?" Response - "Yes."

For shits and giggles, I called 1-800-ASK-USPS a few hours later. Had a brief conversation about the tracking of the same package. The accent prompted me to ask, in a pleasant voice... "What country are you working out of today?" Response - "China."

I'm a little pissed off right now. Not to say that the former USPS workers that answered the phones were worth a handful of shit, but at least they were US Federal Jobs paid for by US Citizens, paying into the tax base of this country.

What's next, outsource the IRS, Social Security, Treasury, Intelligence? 

I checked the latest status of my tracking number, and it says the same thing it said Friday morning of last week...

OK, United States
05/20/2016 8:30 A.M.Package transferred to local post office

Mail man just came. No photos. He told me to call the branch office. Have been calling them and it either rings forever and no one answers, or it's busy. So I know it's not out of order!

I finally got someone to answer the phone. He said call Walgreens. So I call, and they look it up. The wrong zip code was put on it. And she has no idea where it is. But she will mail them again. 

Keep your fingers crossed. I can't do what I'm doing in the living room without those photos.

If you're still with me after that venting of my frustration, I wanted to give you a link to a post I happened across this morning that I found interesting. 

Food for thought and all that jazz.

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