Sunday On The Patio & Water Gardening

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Sunday On The Patio & Water Gardening

Some have asked me for the dimensions of my patio, so I just went out there and measured it. It is 12 and a half feet by about 32 feet. 

I have a galvanized tub with a pump inside it right outside the door. So I have the patio door open and the screen closed, and I am enjoying the sound of the water and the chimes tinkling in the breeze. 

I want you all to know that I was very uplifted by your kind comments yesterday and today. It meant a lot to me. I appreciate your steadfast support.

I will focus on the patio, gardening, home decor, pupsters, and reflection posts, as I call them.

Are any of you interested in learning about water gardening? In other words, containers of water with water plants and possibly some goldfish?

Well, I've been interested in doing this for some time, so I've been reading up on it.

If you have still standing water, you would have mosquitoes laying eggs to worry about. But water moving keep mosquitoes at bay. Thus the trickling water in my galvanized tub. 

If you put the right combination of plants and fish in the water, you needn't worry about feeding the fish or mosquitoes laying eggs!

Is anyone interested in going on this learning journey with me?

My water gardens will be situated between the birdbath garden area and the gazebo seating area. I've been planning it in my head.

We can learn together if you like.

I have a pretty big patio. So I can enjoy containers of vegetables and flowers, water features and water gardens. Plus, of course, my gazebo seating area.

I have my "gardens" separated into distinct areas. This gives a variety of focal points to the patio.

(The photo is somewhat lopsided. Sorry.) The solar bird bath is just waiting for the birds. 

I've learned that when you put out a new bird bath or bird feeder, the birds often won't come to it for a few weeks. 

They watch from the trees to see if it's safe. But then Katie bar the door!

We're learning a lot out here on the patio. I will be figuring out my water gardens in the coming weeks. 

Please join me if you want to expand your outdoor space into small areas of water gardens, plants and goldfish.

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